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Brief presentation of the building

The building is situated in the city centre near Ferenciek tere (Square of the Franciscans), one of the busiest parts of Budapest. The property is next to the first class (“A” category) office complex of Ybl Palace which was opened a few years ago after a complete renovation and reconstruction. The building block of Eötvös High School is situated on the other side of the property. The courtyard of an apartment house on István Ferenczy street borders the building on the rear, south side.

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Parking Garage

The property is located in a central and prestigious neighbourhood. There is insufficient number of internal parking places in that part of the downtown, which ensures maximum utilization of the parking garage concept.

In general, many of the surrounding office buildings do not have the optimal number of parking places.

In addition, there are a large number of “apartment offices” and apartment homes in the vicinity. Residents and clients of the offices had only been able to park in the garage below Elisabeth bridge.

The parking garage is mechanized, meaning that the vehicles are transported from the ground floor reception area to the parking place in a fully automated way. The system makes it possible to minimize the area and height of parking places according to the average size of passenger cars. Thanks to this system, 20 vehicles can be parked in the net area of approximately 290 square metres of each parking level. The height of the parking levels is 2.0 meters, which means that we were able to construct 9 parking levels inside the 5 floor height marked off by the building's facade. Parking places have been constructed in the basement level as well, where higher than average cars can be parked. The total number of parking places is 200. (List of premises in Annex 4)

The parking garage is of great significance in satisfying the parking place demands generated by the implementation of the Heart of Budapest project.

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The base area of the offices in the front section is not significant in comparison to other available offices in the neighbourhood, however, the prestigious location is convincing for several companies, all the more that our offices are situated in the very centre and permanent parking places are available independently of the traffic conditions.

The main function of the development is to provide parking places, but the front part of the building contains offices, one on each level. The ground floor (reception area) incorporates the vehicle drive-in, the control room and the entrance to the office building.

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